Ажлын байрны зар

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Нээлттэй ажлын байрны зар

Азийн хойд бүсийн Монгол дахь үйлчлэлийн төвд дуудлагын жолооч ажилд авна.

Зарын дэлгэрэнгүйг доорх холбоос дээр дарж үзнэ үү.

On-call driver (Independent Contractor)

Support Services Department, Asia North Area


This contract exists to support administrative purposes in the assigned area by providing driving services. On-call drivers are those that respond to work needs regardless of the time or day of the week. Because of this on call drivers need to be okay with waiting to be asked to come to work and adjusting the driver’s personal schedule accordingly. An on-call driver for the Church may not be asked to drive for weeks or months or may be asked to drive on a full-time basis for periods of time. They typically respond with little notice, sometimes to cover for another driver who is unable to work at the last minute. On call drivers should have a flexible personal schedule, one that is not filled with a lot of unchangeable personal commitments.

The following are expected.

  • timely arrival to all requested appointments;
  • be organized, efficient and professional at all times;
  • provide a schedule of times they are most available to the driver’s supervisor;
  • maintain rider confidentiality and be responsible for rider safety while in the vehicle;
  • keep the Church’s vehicle clean and properly maintained, and timely and accurately keep records of driver’s work and vehicle paperwork as requested by the supervisor;
  • be safety-conscious and safely operate the Church’s vehicles and otherwise care for Church property;
  • be responsible for always following rules and regulations of the road;
  • maintaining ongoing communication with riders and others are requested by the supervisor;
  • abide by Church policies and procedures



  • Hold a valid temple recommend
  • Driving license
  • Clean driving record

Job Information:

  • Contract type: Independent Contract (One-year contract)
  • Location: Mongolia Service Center
  • Payment: Follows Church Policy
  • Application Deadline: June 20



  • Please submit your resume from the QR code to the right or at the website below:


  • Your personal information will be used for the Church’s selection process.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Yuki Kitahara (yuki.kitahara@churchofjesuschrist.org).

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